The purpose of this website is to gather uniquely designed clothes influenced by hip-hop, vaporwave and streetwear.

Fashion is very close to our hearts since it provides us an easy, yet explicit way of expressing ourselves in our everyday life. Finding clothing styles which really suits us can be a never-ending journey, but when we finally find a style that really boosts our confidence we tend to automatically stick to it.

When we discover something new, we usually want to explore more of it, and we are striving to make our visitors feel the same about the clothes and clothing style(s) that we are showcasing. Our long term goal with Yoshicity is for it to function as a lookbook for people with identical and comparable taste of clothes.

Some of the most iconic pioneers in this type of clothing are Yung Lean and his crew; Sad Boys Entertainment, thus the references to them. Please note that is not the official merchandise store for artists above.

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